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Formula for Cadmiums

This formula is for cadmiums from Kremer Pigments.  I have made each of the cadmiums they carry and each one has made with the same formula and does not require stand time or aging.

4:1 ratio

For a 37  ml tube:

Cadmium pigment- 4 tablespoons

Linseed oil- 1 tablespoon

Grind the pigment dry a bit first on the mulling table.

You can get by with a 3.5:1 ratio if you are trying to save a bit.

How to Tube Artist Colors

This is part two, how to make the colors made in part one.

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How to Make Artists Oil Colors

This is part one. Part two demonstrates how to tube your finished colors.

How to Construct a Mulling Table


Introduction to Paint Making

This is the first in a series of instructional videos on making your own artists colors.

The first section of the series includes these instructional videos:

Introduction to Paint Making
How to Construct a Mulling Table
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Recording Formulas and Labeling